Lau Gar Hung Kuen. From the disciple Wayne Husbands under Master Mark Houghton of the Lau Gar Hung Kuen Kung Fu. Welcome to the Stafford Lau Gar Kung Fu club web site – Your online resource for Of the many schools of kung fu Lau Gar Kuen (Lau Family Fist) is one of the . The classes are being run by Sifu Jason Crabtree who is a Guardian and 6th Degree Black Sash in Lau Gar Kuen Kung Fu, which has its links back to the.

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Fast, powerful, direct applications that have been proved effective in combat since the time of the founder of the Hung Gar style. However, the combat aspect of Lau Family Lau Kuen is not over-emphasized at the expense gae other aspects such as health and personal development.

In fact all of the southern systems of kung fu are derived from 5 major styles namely: This is a compilation video showing many aspects of the Hung Gar system and it’s history. His training continued for 4 hours a night nights a year for 15 years.

Are our core fist forms are: Each form has specific applications to deal with any form of attack whether it is empty handed or with weapon. Nine years passed before he was given the right to teach independent of Master Tang.


The style subsequently became popular over a large part of south west China. Home News Style Health. Classes Calendar Member Competition.

Lau Gar Kung Fu in Stafford

Master Yau brought the style to the United Kingdom in Lau, Hung, Choy, Li and Mok. With its rigorous hand and body conditioning, empty hand forms, two person drills, traditional weapons fighting and self defence techniques.

Traditional applications of all forms broken down to use in todays modern society. Take a look at our Latest Video. During this time Master Yau commenced his training at the age of six. On his return to Kowloon, Master Yau Luk Sau taught only his family and close friends before opening his club to the public.

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He is reputed to have earned his name because of a deep scar in the middle of his forehead which resembled a third eye. There are many schools of kung fu and Lau Gar Kuen is one of the oldest being one of the original 5 ancestor styles. Origins of Lau Gar. The Lau Family Hung Kuen forms are rich in lah for both combat and for developing strength, power and health.

Lau Gar Hung Kuen. Time tested from use in the military over the last few centuries, nobody can dispute the effectiveness of Lau Gar Hung Kuen.

Welcome to the Lau Gar Hung Kuen part of the Lau Kar Ban

With each weapon you must show compatance in handerling the weapon and understanding its true combative martal use. The Lau Gar Hung Kuen is a powerful style that destroys all oncoming attacks using the 12 bridges to redirect or to strike an attacker. Guardians Media Shop Contact. It was learned from a monk on retreat from that temple by Master Lau Sam Ngan, “Three Eyed Lau”, a tiger hunter, whom we honour as founder of our style.


Specific strengthening methods, stretching, relaxation and breathing exercises of Lau Family Lau Kuen are consistent with the concepts of traditional Chinese and modern western medicine. Master Yau’s Grandfather subsequently met the Master Wan Goon Wing with whom he continued his studies for a kueh six years, and whom he served as son until the latter’s death. Lau Gar Kuen – Origins There are many schools of kung fu and Lau Gar Kuen is one of the oldest being one of the original 5 ancestor styles.

You can see why the Lau Juen has has a proven track record learning and teaching the style handed down by the great late Lau kar Leung from the linage holder Master Mark Houghton.