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Controversy aside, I’m glad they’re getting attention. Those who control the media and the images are the people at the buttons. Does being run over by American military hardware make a person a terrorist?

And I skimmed most of the other ones about half hhmvee hour ago. For, as I said before, this is a blog read world wide and all kinds of people are reading it. The US military has shown an extraordinary amount of compassion and friendliness in trying to win over local people in an effort to instrctions removal of the terrorist organizations run as smoothly as possible.

Diverse viewpoints are a good thing. The key idea is thinking what this might mean to other people. So tl;dr was only partially true. Moreover there is absolutely no reason to think that, in the context of this work, the fig in the head wrap instructiond anything BUT a terrorist. Unless we intend to set the practices of fanatic murderers as instructiosn standard for our own conduct. Every one should try it. The act of creation has consequences both for the creator and the audience; the act of publicizing said creation has further consequences.

Let me also add that like everything else, images have one, maybe two, literal meanings, but instructionns symbolic meanings, interpretations, and relationships can be countless and are entirely dependent on the person doing the viewing.


I think Catsy instructiona Bunbrick really illustrated this well: Tyler has explained his literal meaning…. This is what my thoughts are: Its about the fact that this photo show a human being happy with the suffering and death of another one.

Either the photo shows a military force happily slaughtering civilians or it shows them gruesomely murdering an unarmed enemy. Historical instrucctions are in the past, and the others are fiction with no connection to any present-day circumstances in the real world. What IS a little strange to me is the fact that this issue needed to be brought to light publicly. I apologize to anyone who mistook my post for anything other than an opinion, and as a discounting of other opinions.

This is one of those things we can choose to be offended by or not — and either POV is fine, so long as you respect those who feel differently.

I figured it was a device, but I take issue with the intent of that device. This is your blog and you can and should feel free to showcase what you will. It is very well done. Rest assured there were many conservative Americans who felt very, very differently. This is what racism is like for those on the receiving end, phrased in a way yumvee reach the largest group of readers on this blog. The primary issue I have with the image is its context. instrutions

Tell all your friends! There are still soldiers deep in the suck right now and horrible things like this actually do occur—and whether you like it or not, the issue of war crimes in the ongoing conflicts is a very real one. Until we have proof to the contrary, Tyler was being callous with his depiction of violence and nothing more.


Judging by the reactions it is in fact clearly NOT obvious that the depicted figure is by definition a terrorist. If he had an RPG or something and the soldiers were mounted up, I think I would have just passed over it as a battle scene.

The builder of the MOC has been quite ready to discuss it calmly and intelligently. I understand it was meant to be lighthearted, but this really is indicative of a greater problem, namely the association of Muslims with terrorism and vice versa. Which, while true, has nothing to do with the question of whether or not the image was appropriate to make—or blog.

The Ranger of Awesomeness: I think what makes this more volatile than brutality in, say, post-apoc or Star Wars or WWII scenes is the immediate, present-day relevance.

Lego Humvee with instructions

Now please everyone, can we get back to the awesome MOC rather than instructione to invent some problem? LEGO is art, and art is full of politics and social commentary. Your comments are far more racist than his MOC ever could be. With class, rather than getting all resentful toward people like me who get our PC knickers in a twist. Who is a terrorist?

Lego Humvee with instructions | Lego | Pinterest | Lego, Lego creations and Lego military

Actually, let me find it for you: I know that the REAL story here is that this Humvee was in need of assistance and yumvee friendly ninja came to help, but there was a terrible accident. This is clearly a terrorist, as indicated by the creator of the work.

What cracks me up is how many people seem to be taking this the wrong way. Keeps people of the street or whatever environment fighting….