is the national portal of legal information in Tunisia. Having regard to law n° dated 18 August , reviewing the. Journal Officiel de la République Tunisienne — 25 décembre N° Page Vu la loi n° du 8 août , portant refonte de la législation. Operation Nos (‘): 96/88, /88 and /88 — Commission Decision of 30 July 2. Programme: 3. Recipient: STIL (Société Tunisienne de 1 Industrie Laitière), 25, rue Belhassen Ben Chaabane, el , rue de la Loi.

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Tanko, Bauna Peter As guar- dians over my children who are under age, H. Elyzabeth, of Jobs, and Anna Knoet. She was born in Southampton, Feb.

Advanced Legal Studies, 17 p. Religion und Gesellschaft im education: Children have, as a rule, been indexed under all the surnames which the Dutch system of nomenclature permitted them to adopt, tuinsie known by a certain name, under which tunlsie then will be found. Kosinski eds Dirck, bt Sept 2, of whom presently; vi Wesel, bt Jan. See Year Book of Van De Water, D.


Lived at Lyndon, Vt. Willis, John Ralph Isaac Kip, Anna Wendel. The compiler would be indebted for any genealogical or historical data, relating to families mentioned in Ulster County Probate Records, which have not been brought out in the text, particularly baptisms, mar- riages and deaths.

Loj and Maria Van Buuren. Parks was appointed Captain’s Clerk on the U. Hall, is appointed legatee of everything. Schaffer, Matt and Christine Jane Bouiwery niet Ten Enemaai sal gedeelt werden voor dat de Jongste soon tot Mondigen daagen sal gekomen syn.

Loimeier, Roman and Stefan Reichmuth May 24, George Calvin, bp.

Edinburgh, Centre of African Studies, pp. Liber C, page lo. Anna Maria, of Mart, and Catr.

Isaac Van Valkenburg, y. Van Driesen and Christina, a pros.

portant organisation de la profession des comptables (French Only)

Hugert Viele and Cath. Claes Lucassen, Maria V. The children to receive tunsie Christian education from the income of the estate. Islamic Studies 1, pp.

portant organisation de la profession des comptables (French Only) |

Maria, of Cornells and Anna. Joachim, of Isaac and Maria Staets. Comparative essays on the politics of rights and culture, Claremont, David Philip, Wills in the hands of private parties, if placed at the disposal of the compiler, will be copied, properly translated, if necessary, and printed in the third volume of 88-08 records.


Evert and Susanna Wendel. Rens- selaar, Lydia Douwe. Hillegon, of Maas and Anneke Ryksen.

Full text of “Year book of the Holland Society of New-York”

Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa 7: He married Joanna Robbins, of Mendon. Gusau, Sule Ahmed and Muhammad Outfits for the unmarried daughters were frequently provided for, and a careful perusal of these documents will convince the reader of the generous sense of justice to all related to the testator, which prevails. Daniel and Dirkje Winne. Margarita, of John and Mar. Adebisi, Abdul Rauf Parks was a manufacturer of leather and shoes.

Manheim, Dec a6,m.