LSD: Doorway to the Numinous by Stanislav Grof – A pioneering book that explores the unknown landscape of human consciousness induced by LSD and other. A pioneering book that explores the unknown landscape of human consciousness induced by LSD and other psychedelics • Shows the. ratingstars. LSD: Doorway to the Numinous. by Stanislav Grof. Publisher: Park Street Press. Year: ISBN: Categories.

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LSD: Doorway to the Numinous | Book by Stanislav Grof | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

The Return of Quetzalcoatl and Breaking Open the Head “Stanislav Dkorway is the undisputed world authority on LSD and the human psyche, and this book provides the best cartography of consciousness for understanding the profound impact of entheogens on the mind. Park Street Press February Length: For any serious student of psychedelics or psychology this is an important read that should not be ignored.

Jackson Collins rated it it was amazing Jul 03, His clinical research is courageous and luminous to anyone who is conscious of the body’s metaphysiology and higher energy dynamics. The Best Books of His clinical research is courageous and luminous to anyone who is conscious of the body’s metaphysiology and higher energy dynamics.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

One subject who experienced himself in one of his LSD sessions as an embalmer doorsay ancient Egypt was able to describe the size and quality of the mummy bandages, materials used in fixing the mummy cloth, and the shape and symbolism of the four canopic jars and the corresponding canopic chests. While some of the terminology is difficult to pick up at first for someone who isn’t that familiar with it, it does a numinius job of not overly complicating concepts. We felt that these unfortunate developments wasted what was probably the single most important opportunity in the history of these disciplines.


Grof received his M. As far-out theories tend to be regrettably cheap in the world of human-psychedelic relations, such an epochal assertion would probably prove ridiculous if Grof was not able to back it up with uncannily compelling data culled from his experience conducting more than four thousand clinical LSD sessions over the course of his career. The therapeutic benefit of LSD and regressional psychotherapy th that individual become aware of the true nature of reality, their experiences and to spiritually heal.

Indeed, impossible experiences tne seem to occur on acid with such knee-knocking regularity tje Grof was able to hypothesize a wildly unorthodox conceptual system accounting for their formal characteristics, reinforced with illustrations from typical clinical examples.

Lists with This Book. Based on his 2, clinical sessions using LSD as a therapeutic tool before the substance was interdicted, Grof’s book explores the vast dimensions of inner experience that have been ignored and marginalized by the mainstream.

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Erowid Library : The Erowid Review » LSD: Doorway to the Numinous

Resisting the tendency to either fatuously conjecture a mechanism for these phenomena or to dismiss them as mere fantasy because no mechanism yet conceived could account for them, Grof managed instead to focus on the fact that these experiences, regardless of their ontology, displayed a remarkable though weird formal consistency. Share on Facebook Share.

Ron Shane, reviewer, April Occasionally, transpersonal experiences can occur in the culmination periods of the first high-dose session of psychedelic treatment. Stanislav Grof Limited preview – Doorway to the Numinous this particular literary review will take a slightly different tact.

As the famous saying goes: Jun 22, Josh Livingroom rated it really liked it. Psychedelic psychiatry doesn’t sound like a bad thing at all once you’ve a read this book and b tripped to the point of ego death and understand the entire process. Grof’s studies of the mystical experience in LSD therapy represent an extremely valuable scientific approach to consciousness research from which many people can benefit.


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See full terms and conditions and this month’s choices. To be sure, many of these ideas were not new. May 05, James Jesso rated it it was amazing.

LSD – Doorway to the Numinous By Stanislav Grof

Doorway to the Numinous probably reflects a move to appeal to a readership less interested in Western psychiatric practice and more enamored of the modern neo-shamanistic psychedelic renaissance i. Grof is obviously a smart guy, and his input on LSD and psychedelics is obviously very valuable. Ld, because of the experimental nature of LSD psychotherapy, numibous was at first sanctioned only in cases that were considered otherwise hopeless.

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I think he takes the experiences of his patients too literally, which is odd considering he’s a Jungian Stan is arguably the biggest authority in the LSD world.

Grof was featured in the film Entheogen: Towards a Psychedelic Canon. Doorway to the Numinous with a numinoks preface and supplemental material.

Announcements and contributions that have come in via the Psychedelic Press house Doorway to the Numinous is an extraordinary alchemical text that overturns many commonly held beliefs about the nature of individual identity and consciousness. Firstly, I will examine how […]. In the years intervening since Realms of the Human Unconscious was originally published, Grof has written a number of books each treating and dealing with his chosen subject matter in a slightly different way.

He lives in California. The Manual of Psychedelic Support. However, I have a hard time believing some of his claims.