Mahalasa Narayani is a manifestation of Goddess Shakti. Goddess Mahalasa Narayani is worshipped mainly in Goa, parts of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka. . Meenakshi Pancharatna Stotram – Prayer to Goddess. Mhalsa (Marathi: म्हाळसा, IAST: Mhāḷasā), also spelled as Mhalasa or Mahalasa is a Hindu goddess. She is venerated in two distinct traditions. As an independent goddess, she is considered as a form of Mohini, the female avatar of the god Vishnu and is called Mhalsa Narayani. Shaktihi Sarvagyasarvashaktishcheti Kilakam | Shri Mahalasa Narayani () || Om Mahalasaye Namaha || || Ithi Shri Mahalasashtottara Shatanamastotram.

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In order to help the Gods, Lord Vishnu had to take the avatar incarnation of Mohini or the Enchantress. Mohini seized the amruta from the demons and served it to the gods. Vaishnavism of the Gowd Saraswat Brahmins and a few Konkani stotrxm tales. Lakshmi lajje mahavidhye, sradhe, pushti swadhe, druve, Maha rathri maha maye, Narayani namosthuthe.

Mantra & Shlokas: Mahalasa Narayani – Hindu Goddess Mahalasa Narayani

An annual stotrxm marking this event is celebrated in Pali every Pausha Pournima. As an independent goddess, Mhalsa’s chief temples include Mardol in Mardol, Goa in the form of Mahalasa Narayani and a temple in Nevasa as Mhalsa Mohini or Mhalsa Devi, which is considered as her birthplace as Khandoba’s wife.

These 10 families brought with them their following family deities: Oh Goddess who has a fearful face because of her teeth, who adorns herself with the garland of skulls, who killed the giant called Munda and who is goddess KaliOur salutations to you, Narayani Damshtra karala vadane, siro mala vibhooshane, Chamunde, munda madhane, narayani namosthuthe.


Spiritual life is essentially an inner journey. Posted by Madhuri Saxena at Of them, stottram families settled in Varyenapur or Varunapur old Mhaddolcommonly known as Vernem during Portuguese rule and Stotrak now.


You can transfer the amount to the following account: A copper plate inscription in the temple describes this event. Oh Goddess nzrayani is wisdom of intelligence, who is the goddess of words, who is greatest, who is the goddess of the properties of Sathva, Rajo and Thamas, and who is our Goddess, please be kind on us, Our salutations to you, Narayani Mohini was born in the house of Tima Shet xtotram the child was named Mahalasa.

Oh Goddess who holds aloft the great holy wheel, who holds the earth in her frontal teeth, who has the form of Lord Varaha and who does only good, Our salutations to you, Narayani jahalasa Retrieved 5 February As an independent goddess, she is considered as a form of Mohinithe female avatar of the god Vishnu and is called Mhalsa Narayani.

Unknown 28 November at Free download of Guru. Dinesh Shetti 6 August at Retrieved 12 March As per this legend, Mhalsa was born as the daughter of a rich Lingayat merchant in Narayahi called Timmaseth. Later, more Saraswat families came to Goa and they too brought with them their own family deities. Mhalsa is also worshipped as the consort of the folk god Khandobaa form of the god Shiva.

According to another legend linking her to Khandoba, narayaani god Shiva was enchanted by Mohini. Oh Goddess with the holy crown, who holds aloft the great Vajrayudha, who shines with thousand eyes, who killed the Vruthra asura and who has the form of Indra, Our salutations to you, Narayani As the consort of Khandoba, her chief temple – the Mohiniraj temple – is located at Nevasa taluka of Maharashtrawhere she is worshipped as a four-armed goddess and identified with Mohini.


Of Goddess who is with cock and peacock, who holds a great spear, who is without sin, who is of the form of Lord Subrahmanya, Our salutations to you, Narayani. The book also includes the powerful Shri Devi Apradha Kshamapana Stotram and the Shri Guru Padukaashtaka, which is very essential for a devotee who has embarked upon a spiritual journey along with his Master.

Malhari later married Mahalasa and thus the concept of Mohini remained associated with Mahalasa. Sarva swaroope sarveshe, sarva shakthi samanvithe, Bhayebhya sthrahino devi, durga devi namosthuthe. Nrusimha roopenogrena hanthum daithyan kruthodhyame, Trilokya trana sahithe, Narayani namosthuthe.

Mhalsa – Wikipedia

Udupi District, Karnataka State. This prayer was done by all devas after the Godess exterminated Shumbha, Nishumbha and their army. Barring this, the entire other original construction is untouched and is indicative of the ancient exquisite workmanship. In recent mhalasa, due to the increased popularity of the goddess, new temples have been established in VernaKumtaMudgeriKundapuraBasruruShirvaMangaluruKasargodHarikhandige, Malpe and other areas naayani along coastal Karnataka.

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The deity, it may particularly be noted, also wears the holy thread, Yadnyopavitrawhich is its unique feature.