By presenting the “Mahinda Chintana -. Vision for the future” to our religious dignitaries, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children of our Motherland with . The IPS examined the “Mahinda Chintana: Vision for a New Sri Lanka” taking into account the current overall policy framework and attempted to shed some light. III (a) Mahinda Chinthana – National Development Goals (NDGs). III(b) United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). 1. Sri Lanka: The Emerging.

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Responding to allegations as regards waste, corruption and irregularities in the public sector in the wake of rapid development projects, President Rajapaksa pledged to establish an independent National Audit Commission to inquire into conduct of members of parliament. Proposals to enhance the powers of the Ministerial Executive Committee with the consensus of Parliament to ensure the Committee’s participation in public administration. Restoration of Panduwasnuwara, Dambadeniya, Yapahuwa, and Kurunegala Cultural Square to suit the historical cultural heritage.

Introduction of a Model Terminal Villages system blended with modern technology. Procurement of loan facilities through the Lanka Puthra Banking Service to develop industries based on resources unique to the area. That is because without planning it is difficult to reach the intended destination.

Creation of a programme for cinema magnates and actors and actresses to study cinematography of international standards and to obtain scholarships in the field. President Mahinda Rajapaksa put forth Mahinda Chinthana before the masses as his manifesto chinrhana the last Presidential Election. Restoration hcinthana religious and archaeological places of importance destroyed by the tsunami. This phenomenon is manifestly discernible in the multitude of activities that take place throughout the country today.


Development of the region as a special tourist zone. Procurement of state lands on priority basis to solve the land problem of the Kanda Uda Rata people.

Executive presidential system, electoral system, judiciary as well as good governance would be dealt by those writing a new Constitution, the President said, adding that amendments to executive presidential system would be the prerogative of political parties represented in parliament. Press Council issue showcase notice to Nakkheran. The President revealed plan to ensure collective responsibility of members of the cabinet and protect confidentiality through constitutional means.

Creation of crop manufacturing factories and development and marketing of crops such as lime and orange.

“Mahinda Chinthana” Fashion in Wonder Asia (Photos)

Corruption charges are leveled because there was development. Tap your heart and ask yourself.

Implementation of a programme titled “Creeda Sakthi”. Its implementation commenced simultaneously with the President’s assumption of duties in the office of Presidency on November 18, As such, it received the blessings of the people as well as those of the academics in this country. Amendment to the Constitution making the President officially accountable to Parliament.

Comments and suggestions to: Provision of facilities for artistes to construct their houses. From that point of view the real implementation of the concept of Mahinda Chinthana is at the moment nearing its first anniversary.


Proper conservation of sacred areas in Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. Free ownership title to the land supplied to each estate worker. Having achieved real freedom the entire country is now joined through an infrastructure network built under the conditions of the peace, he said.

Establishment of a special fund of Rs. I have one and only one agreement.

Mahinda Chinthana – ‘Lova Dinana Maga’ launched | Asian Tribune

Beyond the palmyra border Restoration of houses and revival of lives affected by the war. Diversion of Uva-Wellassa towards an accelerated development process and promotion of educational facilities in those areas. This third phase of my Presidency is that of building the country for a new generation. These allegations are inherited when a country is being developed. Setting up a faculty of agriculture and animal husbandry centring the Hatton Town.

Recruitment of G. In accordance with the manifesto, a special mechanism would be established to pave the way for women to hand over new born without killing them.

Login or register to post comments. Enhancement of health facilities, promotion of irrigation maginda giving priority to Uma-oya Development programme.

Development of all approach roads to estates and declare them as public roads. Annual training intake increased from 60, to ,